Double layer reverse umbrella – make your own style statement!

There are a very few things in this world that has been able to cross the barrier of the countries and I am not the only person to explore the fact that Umbrella is one such thing that is used in almost every part of the world. We haven’t seen a much of changes to this useful tool (if you allow me to call this a tool) since ages. If you see some ancient day pictures you will easily relate to the old age umbrellas with the recent age ones.

Considering the usefulness of it, people prefer keeping one with them. Be it heavy rain and scorching heat outside, if one thing can offer you some relief that must be the umbrella. A very small amount of experiments has been made on it and except the colors and designs, it looks just the same everywhere. But, this time around, you are going to experience something different with umbrella!

flower in black

Double layer Reverse Umbrella

This is something innovative and unique in its class. Many of us have faced the problem of getting out with umbrella in heavy wind blowing. It often turns the umbrella around and chances are there that it would either broke and damage soyellowme how. No more such difficulties with Double Layer Reverse Umbrella.

It can be folded sin either sides and unlike the common style of closing the umbrella, this new type of umbrellas are folded with the upside in. the reverse folding, as it is called, let you fold it easily while entering through the door of the house or of your car. Apart from that, you can easily remove the stored water into the bowl because when it is folded reverse, the rain water is stored inside!

As far as the quality is concerned, it is made of waterproof polyester along with a “C” hook that let you hang it on anywhere. Let’s also talk about the colors and other varieties. It is available in 26 different colors that makes it really easy for anyone to pick their preferred one and the designs are also beautiful and presently, these are available in XL size so, anyone can use it.

Where to buy it from?

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These exclusive umbrellas are available only at and you can buy them from there only. You can pick the favorite color from there until the stocks are last. So, hurry up, get these fantastic umbrellas for you and your family right away! With these double layer reverse umbrella, you can set a new style statement for you.


5 Sec fix pen – Quick fixing everything

People have so many different types of elements in their house. Many of these elements are fragile and easily could break even with a light push. Often, people take them to the repairer for repairing work. But, what if they fail to repair it? For instance, you accidentally let loose the glass jar from your hand and broken down the handle. It definitely hampers its appearance and functionality. Normally, it is beyond repairing and individuals would dispose of the jar. Rather than buying a new one you can actually fix it. With the application of 5 sec fix pen, the handle could be fitted within a few seconds.

Many of you might have heard about it. It is a new invention developed in the field of quick fixing tools. It contains two powerful ends that hold the glue and the laser light used for fixing varied elements.


Some of the key features of the 5 sec fix pen

Are you excited enough to know about some of its exciting properties? Read the points discussed here:

  • Several individuals may consider it to be a new form of glue. But, the technology is much advanced than the ordinary glue sticks. It uses super-powered fglue products.jpgorm of welding compound instead of glue.
  • Other welding elements take several hours to fix. The application of the device fixes almost every type of element within mere 5 seconds of application.
  • The bonding effect is really fast and strong. It has been proven several times by applying it on varied materials.
  • The application of UV lights makes it possible for the items to be positioned and repositioned until you get the desired result.
  • It is absolutely great for repairing items made up of plastic, wood, glass, metal and several other forms of materials.
  • The element on which the device has been applied can be sanded, painted, and, sprayed for providing a new look.

Where can individuals search for the element?

After reading the amazing features of the element many of you might be excited enough for buying it. There are several online stores that supply the product in the country. But, for avoiding any possibility of duplicity make a purchase from the reliable shop. For instance, is one of the trusted and relied on service providers in the country. They have the provision of fast delivery and 100% money back policy. Buy from the store today!

Amazing Features of the Double Layer Reverse Umbrella

The rainy season is coming near. So, people have already started to prepare themselves to face the harsh climatic change. The most important thing that everyone must have to face the rainy season is an umbrella. It is going to be your best friend for the whole rainy season.
You will find various kinds of umbrellas in the market. But, none of them can match with the latest Double Layer Reverse Umbrella. It has solved the age old problems that people generally face while using an umbrella. This new umbrella has many latest features which are increasing its demand in the market.


Latest features of the reverse umbrella

  • You have to see it to believe it. This umbrella doesn’t follow the same rule as the old umbrellas. It opens in the opposite direction instead of opening straight. And follows the same technique while closing. You may have seen that when you try to enter in building or in your car, it become very difficult to close the umbrella. So, you have to close the umbrella before entering in such places. As a result, you get wet flower in black.jpgand then there left no benefit of using an umbrella. But, this reverse umbrella closes in the opposite direction. So, you can close it after entering your vehicle or the building without getting wet.
  • You may have seen that when you close an umbrella and keeps it inside your house or the umbrella stand, all the rain waters start to drip down from the umbrella. It makes the whole floor very wet and slippery in the rainy season. If you put the wet umbrella on your car seat, it makes the seat very wet too. This is a very irritating situation which all of us have to face with our umbrella. But, the reverse umbrella closes in the opposite direction, so the wet part remains inside.  As a result, all the rain water store within the umbrellas and does not wet anything else.

Places to look for such umbrellas


One of the best places to look for Double Layer Reverse Umbrella is through online websites. One such online company to sell such umbrellas is Open-Deals. You can purchase the umbrella from their online website They sell various other kinds of products like home and kitchen accessories, microwave oven steam cleaner, etc. For more information on the umbrella, check various online articles also.

Smart tips to get your oven cleaned with steam

Steam cleaning not only sanitizes the air but also disinfect gently, you can also use this technique to clean your microwave oven with steam cleaner. There are some reasons that you will definitely go for this steam cleaning, these are….


  • It is a safe alternative for kitchen equipment cleaning whether you have kids in your home or not. During the past few decades, bleach seemed to be the only way to kill the bacteria in home and kitchen but now with the advanced technology people do not have to suffer with a kitchen handkerchief and a bowl full of bleach. There are also chanced to get the skin infections.
  • Steam cleaning can kill the bacteria and make the equipments sanitized. What if you get something to clean your microwave oven with vaporizing? Yes, it is possible now! You can get your microwave cleaned with the brand new angry mama set.
  • It is a healthy way to disinfect the equipments in a very short span of time, you just have to give few minutes and you are done. It is a versatile way to clean the oven; you are not doing anything and getting the oven cleaned without any hassles.
  • The most important thing to consider is, in this way you are getting things cleaned without making the air polluted. That is also a good thing to think about, do not you think so?

How to use the furious mama set to clean the oven?

You just have to make a solution of vinegar and water and open the hair of this furious mama named microwave oven steam cleaner, and then you have to put the solution in. After that place the hair on its place and keep the cleaner inside of the oven. Give it a time of 7 minute and get the oven cleaned without any hassle. If you are willing to get this magical equipment, then you can visit this website to grab more details about them and the service they use to provide. You can make the payment through your convenient way and also can place the order to get the free shipping of this product.
They are the leading and reputed online store in the online market that uses to provide the best deals to their customers. You can get directed to their official website and get to know about all the deals and discounts of other products.

Enjoy the beautiful hair cutting at home with hair magic cut tool clipper

Beautiful haircuts can change our looks and also can enhance our natural beauty. For this reason, women in these days prefer achieving stylish haircuts. Since professional hairstylist can cut our hair beautifully so we should avail service from them. Presently, a number of hair cutting parlors are available in the city. But since today, women also don’t have much time to spend it so they cannot go to the parlor time to time. If you also face same timing issue, you must buy hair magic cut tool clipper. This kind of clipper will help you to cut your hair as per latest style without professionals’ help.

cutter tool.jpg

Hair cutting is not a very easy job. In fact, people who don’t have proper knowledge about this profession cannot do this job successfully. For this reason, people need to take help from the professionals. But sometimes, we cannot go to the parlor for any emergency purpose and this is why we cannot take a chance to update our hairstyle. But if you buy this kind of hair clipper, you can cut your own hair at any time. Furthermore, by using this kind of clipper, women can cut their children’s hair easily. This hair cutting tool has many advantages and those are;hair cutting tool.jpg

•         Women can cut their hair by their own. So, they don’t need to go to the parlor.
•         Women can cut their children’s hair safely.
•         It allows women to maintain their hairstyle for a long time.
•        Since it allows people to cut their hair without professionals’ help so by using it people can save their time and money.
•         By using this kind of hair cutting tool, people can create the layer.
•         By using this kind of tool, you can cut your hair at any time.

At present, many women use this kind of hair magic cut tool clipper when they cut their hair or their children’s hair by their own. Presently, this kind of advanced tool is easily available at the global market.

At the global market, many online sources are available and they supply varieties types of products. Many online suppliers sell this advanced hair cutting tool. But you must buy it from any reputable online source since only they sell the best quality products to the buyers at a reasonable price. For this reason, before buying this kind of tool you must check the authenticity of the online source. If you are looking for any reliable online source, you must visit Open Deals.


Open deals is a reliable online source and here you will find varieties designs of hair cutting tools. They supply products that are made of quality materials and they sell these clippers at a reasonable price to their clients. They offer discount and also offer the free home delivery facility to the buyers. Many people buy these clippers from this online source. If you want to visit their official site, you must visit So, visit this online source and buy hair cutting clipper to get a magnificent result from your hair cutting.

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