Double layer reverse umbrella – make your own style statement!

There are a very few things in this world that has been able to cross the barrier of the countries and I am not the only person to explore the fact that Umbrella is one such thing that is used in almost every part of the world. We haven’t seen a much of changes to this useful tool (if you allow me to call this a tool) since ages. If you see some ancient day pictures you will easily relate to the old age umbrellas with the recent age ones.

Considering the usefulness of it, people prefer keeping one with them. Be it heavy rain and scorching heat outside, if one thing can offer you some relief that must be the umbrella. A very small amount of experiments has been made on it and except the colors and designs, it looks just the same everywhere. But, this time around, you are going to experience something different with umbrella!

flower in black

Double layer Reverse Umbrella

This is something innovative and unique in its class. Many of us have faced the problem of getting out with umbrella in heavy wind blowing. It often turns the umbrella around and chances are there that it would either broke and damage soyellowme how. No more such difficulties with Double Layer Reverse Umbrella.

It can be folded sin either sides and unlike the common style of closing the umbrella, this new type of umbrellas are folded with the upside in. the reverse folding, as it is called, let you fold it easily while entering through the door of the house or of your car. Apart from that, you can easily remove the stored water into the bowl because when it is folded reverse, the rain water is stored inside!

As far as the quality is concerned, it is made of waterproof polyester along with a “C” hook that let you hang it on anywhere. Let’s also talk about the colors and other varieties. It is available in 26 different colors that makes it really easy for anyone to pick their preferred one and the designs are also beautiful and presently, these are available in XL size so, anyone can use it.

Where to buy it from?

logo (1).png

These exclusive umbrellas are available only at and you can buy them from there only. You can pick the favorite color from there until the stocks are last. So, hurry up, get these fantastic umbrellas for you and your family right away! With these double layer reverse umbrella, you can set a new style statement for you.


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